Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Accident Investigation

Maybe I should go into the investigation of oil field electrocution accidents. I read a story about one where a guy turned off a light generator. The torque crew yelled, "Hey, we're using that power." so he turns it back on and is immediately hit with 480V and isn't killed but his heart got microwaved.


It all traced back to the equipment yard where forklift operators were lifting the lighting rig by the boom and not using the lift brackets. The forklift arms wore out the insulation on the wiring harness, the bare wire touched the lighting pole and became a ticking bomb for whoever turned the lights on and off again. Solution: inspect all the lighting poles from that yard and remove from service 12 of them with similar damage. Fire the $9/hr forklift jockey operator. Retrain the new guys.

Summary: I'm doomed if I work in the oil field.

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