Friday, April 12, 2013

Resistor Bands


That's my mnemonic for remembering the banded color code on a resistor. Can you think of a better one?

The colors are

Black - 0
Brown - 1
Red - 2
Orange -3
Yellow 4
Green -5
Blue -6
Purple -7
Grey -8
White  -9

The first band is the first number
the second band is the second number
the third band is the number of zeros

So if you have a resistor with a yellow band, a green band, and an orange band you have a 45,000 ohms resistor. There's a fourth band that indicates the % +- it is within the number you come up with.
5% - Gold
10% - Silver
20% - None

which means the above resistor with a silver band at the end is rated between 49,500 and 40,500 ohms.

This is what Oggy is expected to know as an Apprentice Electrician. Ain't Misbehaving chord progression are not part of the requirements

I had a job once where I populated circuit boards for 9 hours a day 6 days a week to pay the rent on a house where my piano collected dust since I was in the garage populating circuit boards all day. I would turn on the radio and completely tune out the world for 5 days a week. After a year I couldn't speak to people on the street. After two years I stopped trying. Fortunately the economy collapsed and my housemate's dog ate a chew toy and another housemate bounced his rent check so I bought an old van and moved to Mexico and saved my own life. But after two years of populating circuit boards I had memorized the exact location of 100 components and could do it blindfolded like a Chinese slave.

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