Tuesday, April 2, 2013

comfortably numb

I'm right on the edge of wishing I could pay someone to finish this project for me. The level of complexity and the location that I'm doing this makes building Apple computers in your garage seem like a dream situation. It's like playing the game "operation" for 10 consecutive hours and if you make a tiny mistake and drop any of the 100 springs and check balls then it's game over.

a cat tried to run away with a sprag roller clutch
 I have all the tools but I've never even seen some of these tools before so again I'm learning at the moment when I can make no mistakes. But I must tell myself that it's only a van. it will teach me something no matter what. My goal is to learn...not to fix my transmission. the journey is more important than the destination...blah blah blah someone please come hold my hand while I squint into spring washer and reverse clutch hell.
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