Wednesday, April 10, 2013

ExxonMobil Cries Like Baby With Lost Snowcone

Waaaaaah! Fucking ExxonMobil really is doing everything in their power to appear like the victims this last week. Like they were walking around a bar with a red baboon ass and their panties around the ankles and now are pissed they got raped by a dozen drunk hillbillies. Fuck them. First they did absolutely nothing wrong but their pipeline flooded a neighborhood in Arkansas. IT'S NOT A BIG DEAL! Go buy some adult diapers at Walmart and soak it up!

 And then New Hampshire, that fuckwad state way up north full of Yankee Intellectuals who kick hippies out of park n ride parking lots because they were chewing on Kudzu to stay alive and burning wood in their van to stay warm AND NOT ONE FUCKING PERSON GAVE A FUCK BECAUSE IT IS A STATE FULL OF RAT COWARDS AND CROOKED DIRTY GRANITE CUNTS....NH sued Exxonmobil because of MBTE. Some $260 million was found against Exxonmobil. and they'll appeal because again they can do no wrong and are always the victims. And that's just the last week of action for Exxonmobil. What's next?
Exxon thieves and NH fuckwads* deserve each other.
This once said "Live Free Or Die" But they spit in my face for being free so FUCK YOU ALL. I went to Texas and you can go to hell with MBTE in your baby formula. I threw the NH plates in the trash.

*The war to defend freedom isn't taking place only in Kabul, there was a Dec/2011 battle of Portsmouth, NH and EVERYONE STAYED IN THE TRENCHES while Oggy got bent over and fucked by the cops and dirtbag security guards. Unforgivable cowardice was displayed on every front so those fuckwad residents became stooges for the right wing and should shut the fuck up every election and have what they deserve shoved down their throats.
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