Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Oggy Has A Dream

One day people will say of me,
"He was radicalized by Henry David Thoreau and Pink Floyd."

When I read that these dickwad marathon bombers had been "radicalized on the internet" I really was repulsed. What the fuck does that even mean? Radicalized on the internet? So, you basically watched a video and swallowed the hook, line, sinker and the boat too? Damn. That's some gullible bullshit. Or some good propaganda. Maybe a bit of both. I guess Bill O'Reilly isn't so bad if Viagra pays him to merely fart seditious insults. It's really a dark day when the internet serves as the number 1 form of socializing radicals or radicalizing socialists. Someone told them (not them specifically but in general) that it was a good idea to bomb the city where they lived. And they agreed. The sum of their ethical debate on this topic/decision was what exactly? Vollmann writes about moral algebra and I'm sure these twats did some ethical algebra. But I'd like to know what that entailed because I'm certain they left some quotients out. If it involved a heaven full of virgins then they are assholes.

Shit, can't people be radicalized by Emily Dickinson? Or Robert Frost? No, they have to pick the most radical fundamental psycho assholes in the universe and their crooked thinking manages to include a holy war...but not so holy that death is a natural consequence. No, they seemed to think this was something they might get away with...cause there is so much evidence the Government is pretty casual when it comes to Terrorist attacks.

"They'll let us slide, bro," one said to the other.
"Totally. It's not like we're bombing New York."

Man this is pretty troubling that logic can cave in completely on one side yet still allow someone to be interested in self preservation. Stupid stupid stupid. And lazy. Like they bought a "Jihad in a Box" kit from the back of a Muslim comic book. "Guaranteed to work or money back" Awful, even modern terrorists are pathetic and cowardly and cheap willed.

I don't want to read anything more about this topic. I really don't.

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