Saturday, September 8, 2012

Stockholder Mentality vs Social Equity

I've reached the conclusion that the fundamental problem with society is the Stockholder Mentality, which is the opposite of Social Equity. Gandhi is no longer the crowned king of philanthropy. No, the social activist award has to be given to Sir Wilfred Grenfell of Labrador via England. His work was done on the behalf of god and the only profit he earned was the ability to live in a thriving healthy society. If you think that is not enough profit then you are a fucking asshole who probably owns Apple stock. I'm not done investigating the source of this poisonous mental delusion that would make someone invest in a company with the sole aim of benefiting financially. It's childish and fucked up and selfish and pathetic. That our whole country's economic system is basically one of rampant exploitation in order to better reward a handful of stockholders is proof that something is terribly wrong. 1940 America was absolutely no different than today. Proportionately there is the same amount of poverty and working class poor. If you say that the standard of living is better it's probably because your standard of living is primarily provided for by strangers working their asses off in fields that you will never see doing work that you'll never appreciate. The demand of procreating has led to an abundance of labor that lowers wages. It's simple math to see that not everyone can own their own electrical repair business and not everyone can be an electrical repair man. The pizza price war in NY goes on everywhere with plumbers underbidding each other until death.

But the stockholder mentality has deeper implications that I can't explain. Grenfell knew that his work would elevate man and that would let him live with elevated men. Steve Jobs knew that his product would increase productivity for business and so it would be valuable and would make money. The chasm of philosophical affectation is so dramatic. Jobs is worshiped; Grenfell is unknown. My statement is that the only reward or profit you should be interested in is a community that is healthy and stable and self-sufficient. If you quibble with that they you have been totally brainwashed by the federal reserve ponzi scheme insanity. It's crazy that I would need to explain this and defend it like it's some kind of subversive theory of satanic proportions but it bears repeating: All you should be interested in a return on your investment is a healthy community with stable members and strong support systems. If your first concern is your stockholder statement then you have sold your soul and the 30 million prisoners and juvenile detention centers and hundreds of millions of welfare families eating fake government cheese are completely caused by your selfish grasping and short-sighted lunacy. Whatever justification you have for amassing fortunes by investing financially are defeated if one merely scratches the surface of your pathetic institutions and your complacent idiocy. Your ten seconds of security are stolen from ten decades of crippled destruction. All that matters is your community. Grenfell is the model of social equity, reinvesting his own labor and profit into the community, taking nothing more than he expected others to have, believing that every person can have a high quality of life as long as that is the chief goal of the members of the community. And why shouldn't it be? The absentee landlord attitude is repulsive to me and a sign of degraded philosophy and geometry. People cluck their tongues and shake their heads at the very deprivation they cause with the rape of resources to uplift gate communities. We're in dark dark ages and must be too depraved to recover. But this central battle between two opposites can't be abandoned. I'm telling you that evil forces have enveloped the media with their stockholding madness and we must resist them. Simplify. Beautify. Tangible profits require trust in your neighbor and not building gates to lock them out. Let me say that the difference between St. Anthony, New Foundland and Corpus Christi, Texas is like night and day and the reason is one was developed under the influence of social equity and the other was developed for stockholder profit. I could travel for weeks in Labrador before I met someone who was a convicted felon and if I did meet one he'd probably be American.

It's a big surprise I'm eating alone.
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