Monday, July 22, 2013


The exhausting hunt lead me here.
Not as important as NSA secrets, but this leaking window caused me so much grief. It's right over my bed, and the water would actually pour on my back as I drove. I replaced the sealant, my attitude, drilled holes, made a shrine to Shiva, everything but the rain still poured in. But I looked for the leak last time there was a tornado and I think it was the very edge of the glass. We'll find out when it rains for 40 days and nights soon.
These might be the worst designed windows ever.


Anonymous said...

Actually, Boat portholes, no matter the kind or design are the worst things in the world. We had one that on a hard port tack would be partially submerged and would allow sea water to enter the boat, unless you cranked it down with locking pliers. It also needed special packing reinstalled every month or so cause it would get so compressed that it would no longer work.
You also had to sleep in the berth that was below this window so if you didn't tighten it every time and your partner changed course you would be awoken buy tens of gallons of sea water soaking you in your bunk. Those were the worst designed windows.
I probably spent a hundred hours working on them.

Oggy Bleacher said...

Those do sound horrible. With my van I merely drove to the desert to avoid the rain but a boat can't really do that can it?
Still, you have to agree that making a window that angles in to ensure all the rain coming off the roof finds puddles as foolish. And also make the windows so they are sliding two pieces to ensure the maximum amount of space for water to leak in. These probably leaked in 1969.

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