Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wolf Walk

It seems that the codecs for video format finally caught up with my archaic Windows Movie Maker and now all video that I record with my cheap digital camera can also be edited. This was not the case for the last 7 years. As .AVI required Apple specific video editing software. This should explain why the video ends when I walk up and turn the camera off. Because if I wanted to make a neat edit I would have to transfer that file to my computer, convert it with some bootleg software that left a watermark on the video, then import it into WMM, then edit the first and last 4 seconds off, save the file as a movie, then preview it and finally upload the video to my blog.  Now WMM works. But I'm still going to leave the last few seconds on because it seems in-genuine to cut them out, like I'm some kind of hip movie star in my own fantasy film...with make up artists waiting nearby to make me pretty. I'm not. I have prostate pain and my back aches. The bottoms of my feet are a horrifying paper mache type texture like a 90 year old diabetic. I have dry mouth syndrome. I HAVE BIGGER PROBLEMS THAN THE LAST 4 SECONDS OF MY VIDEOS. My normal videos are real. This wolf quest video is supposed to be commercial so I can justify the edits.

This Newfoundland footage was taken with my video camera, a different animal, in fact, a camera that broke from cold and heat exposure two winters ago, so I had to buy a different camera to capture the video to my laptop, which also broke over the winter. It's all so complicated. But this latest development means no more uncut songs because I don't want to bother getting my video camera out. I'm boring myself with this kind of talk.

The footage is not good...but I have to concentrate on finishing the video for the sake of the wolf. Even though I have sold out to corporate ventures I can still pay tribute. My hypocrisy doesn't deter from the message.
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