Saturday, July 27, 2013

Paupers Field Trip

Back To The Future
The staging of this film is outstanding. There's a scene when Marty first meets his grandparents that's all one take and timed with precision. When I was 14 years old I didn't know I was seeing real talent and excellence. It shows me that it takes work to make a good movie. The generic directing of today basically reduces each scene to composite parts...allowing actors and directors to do the bare minimum. There's no effort involved. Furthermore, acting has taken a place to real life "personalities" who then basically play themselves.

A few notes:
1) The red-headed student who cuts in on George is the Red-Headed drunk on the park bench back in 1985. But that suggests George had pushed the red headed kid in the original 1955 because Marty recognizes him in the altered 1985.
2) I love that George is the agent of change in his own life ultimately. He changes and that's the movie. And the Lorraine/Marty romance is cut short because Lorraine realizes something is wrong when she kisses him. It's all tied up neatly.
3) However; The photograph that is symbolic of 1985 reality being erased would not suddenly spring back to original form when George kisses Lorraine. Because that reality has been totally erased, Marty's brother and sister would never have staged that photo. The future changed and so that photo can't exist, for the same reasons that it was being erased as the future was being altered, it would've been erased completely, but Marty would've technically existed. But his parents led totally different lives from that point on so that photo couldn't exist.
4) The movie on the Town Theater marquee in the original 1985 is "Orgy: American Style" but when Marty comes back from 1955 (where the movie is "The Atomic Kid") it is now an "Assembly of Christ" meeting place.
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