Monday, July 22, 2013

Round The Bend

"Perhaps the road has a curve in it. Perhaps it is necessary to go round the bend a little before you can see clearly to the end."
Here are some more words that aren't my own. Mainly because if you can't improve on something then it's prudent to plagiarizer.

"I inspect some of the work you do upon these engines and these aeroplanes," Connie said. "God, the All-Seeing and All-Knowing, He inspects it all.....With every piece of work you do, with every nut you tighten down, with every filter that you clean or every tappet that you set, pause at each stage and turn to Mecca, and fold your hands, and humbly ask the All-Seeing God to put into your heart the knowledge of whether the work that you have done has been good or ill." - Connie Shak Lin
 Round The Bend by Nevil Shute
When we did the dual exhaust I can admit that we never asked the All Seeing God if we'd done good or ill. Because He would've obviously told us several things, First, the exhaust leaked from pinholes in the welds that a one-eyed mechanic did. Second, there was no support for the entire exhaust except at the very end and at the manifold studs. Third, unknown to us because we were beneath the exhaust, it actually was perched so high that the pipe pushed up on a sharp piece of body metal that over time would wear a hole in the pipe. We did not pray and so we left the work for Oggy to later return to in a moment of devotion and acceptance, reflection and ponderous perplexity. And Oggy would find all of these problems one by one and he would address them with stabbing pain in his back and bugs in his hair and heat stroke. And he would turn to Mecca and ask for guidance. And God would tell Oggy that the work that he had done was not perfect, but it was good enough for now and certainly an improvement. And that would be enough because the sun had gone down and Oggy was broken.

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