Sunday, July 21, 2013

Prescription of The Day

Nothing beats a dose of Beethoven. I Was tempted to post only the 4th mvmt but the transition from 3rd to 4th, indeed, every note from beginning to end, is important. Only the grief of the first 3 movements can be soothed by the 4th...and the 4th can sooth any grief. I was also going to post a picture of my tear-filled eyes, my wrinkled and bloodied hands, my mortal spirit fluttering in disillusionment and revived by the music, but it would only detract from this. In fact, the video of the music in action is more of a distraction. The recorded appearance of these musicians is irrelevant. Yes, the conductor Dudamel uses no score. It's traditional for seasoned conductors to work from memory on this. Most of the orchestra could play from memory too but the sheet music is part of their tradition too.
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