Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oops I live in a van

With apologies to Mrs. Spears and the writer of this popular demand, the man in the van has tweaked the tune a little to match the times.

The lyrics to : Oops I Live in a Van

(verse 1)
I think I pissed in a jug
it's all I have
don't call me a scrub

I shower every day
at the same place I shit
it's two miles away

(pre chorus)
But to sleep on the sidewalk
is just so typically me

Oops I live in a van
I don't have a job
I don't have a plan

You might think I'm a bum
that I live on the run
but I'm not gonna change my ways

I own a '69 Ford
it's got no brakes
cause I can't afford...them

Stop! Don't step on the gas.
We'll surely crash
then what would I do.

(pre chorus)

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Anonymous said...

Oggy Bleacher,

thanx, just for being you!


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