Monday, September 22, 2008

RV lane

check out the man in the van! 3rd and Rose in Santa Monica

That's 10 RVs on one side of the street. And 10 more on the other side of the street. One block. 20 RVs. It's a party!Photobucket

you see how 3rd street dead ends against sunset? The man in the van ain't stupid. That means no cars drive down 3rd street. They all drive on 4th. On the west side is a production company warehouse...on the east side is Public Storage...where most of the RV dwellers have their belongings. $90 a month for storage and street parking. That's the fate for lost of folks who lost their houses to hurricanes. The man in the van didn't make the laws, he just breaks them.

No Eddie, my place doesn't look like this. I'm clean!

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