Sunday, December 7, 2008

in hiding

I had to move into the backyard of my old house. The police raided Third street and they came with guns. So I'm assembling bikes and keeping my head above water for the next month. Have you seen the news lately? I've very concerned. Am I dreaming? It's like some graphic novel has come to life. Trillion dollar bailouts. Factories closing. Groups of Chinese going on tours in California to buy houses. Driving in luxury suvs purchasing houses. HOME BUYING TOURS!! Vast areas of Arizona being leased to oil companies. No water. Which brings me to the latest shitty Bond movie. What complete shit. It makes Bond a sissy. And it was as confusing as hell. hard to follow. too jumpy. When you can't get a good Bond movie then things are really bad.
I'm baffled by everything...and distracted...probably depressed. It's like every man for himself. I only feel right when I'm playing guitar. That's it. That's my only outlet.
Was there much chaos over there when Mumbai got attacked?
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