Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The price of failure should be failure

you produce a crappy car for twenty or thirty years then you should go out of business. You work at a factory that produces crappy cars then you should be out of a job. That's what capitalism is about. If you don't like that, if you want handouts or handups or handjobs or bailouts then YOU SHOULD MOVE TO CHINA. Work at the fucking factory producing these incredibly shitty bikes I'm assembling. NO ONE SEEMS TO MIND. Shit, they even opened a chain of stores to specifically sell Chinese crap. But if Dodge can't make a car or a mini van that doesn't fall apart after five years then they can close their gates. If the past twenty years of failure add up to a 30 billion dollar bailout then capitalism is dead. If a government regulates commerce then we no longer have capitalism. IF a government rewards failure then we don't have capitalism. Go look up the definition of capitalism.
Now, it's clear that capitalism doesn't work at all so maybe we shouldn't have capitalism. Lord knows we have to compete with slave labor in China and Malaysia and Vietnam so it's impossible to beat those prices. But the quality should have been better, and it wasn't. A 15 year old kid in Vietnam simply builds better shoes than a 30 year old trained seamstress in Colorado. What does that tell you? That America is a absolute fraud.
Maybe the homeless guy who talked about the 4th Reich in the United States where even the Jews have joined forces with former Nazi warlords to obliterate and enslave the underclass is right. Maybe this isn't all some gigantic fuck up. Maybe it is part of the larger plan and this is actually a diabolical success...for the 4th Reich.
I don't know. But the news, the fucking airline stewardess-style news that is complete crap really makes me wonder what is going on. It's too clean to be a failure. These people are too smart to repeatedly talk about a cat whose face is being sewn back on...instead of several homeless people who were killed on the PCH. So is it an oversight, or a deliberate smokescreen?
The culture is poisoned. The government is broke. The people are illiterate slobs. Yes, mouth breathers, that means you. Our cultural peak was Elvis. Think about that.

P.S. As I typed this my computer crashed. Coincidence?
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