Tuesday, March 3, 2009

man in flight

this dude showed up one day with a rig like Rambo. unbelievable. we speculated that he´s ex special ops. bad ass. he paddle boarded out and road waves like laird hamilton. then a giagantic wave took his ten foot board and slammed it into his jaw.

It felt like getting hit very hard in the face with a brick, he said.

for most of that would be an analogy. for this dude I guarantee it was a direct comparison from experience.

the blow would have killed a chump like me. he shook it off and went kite gliding. I don´t know if you can see the satelite dish he uses to post his locations so when he eventually disappears like steve fossett they will know where to find his body.
he could probably kick chuck norris´s ass. the dude can beat you by land, by sea and by air...in the middle of the fucking desert!
I should mention that he showed an hour long slide show of his airial photography. and we watched a surf movie called the stylemasters on the beach with the ocean 100 ft behind us. 4 miles from a power source. and if he wanted he could fly away and land on a whale.
check out his website...

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