Thursday, August 27, 2009


who can give me some advice?
the van's registration has been suspended because I didn't pay my insurance. So it can get booted or towed at any moment. I'm trying to sell it for $2500. And since that is unlikely and I probably will have to give it away maybe I can just drive it to Newfoundland, Canada. But I have to leave in like one week for that to happen. So...what the fuck should I do? I want to drive a motorcycle across the country...not this huge van. But nothing is free and I am out of options. Just renewing my registration and insurance doesn't mean I can't sell it but it means that I have paid for insurance on a car I don't want. See? OF course these are problems most people don't encounter or else leave to their personal assistants but I actually have to deal with the problem myself. Since I probably won't find a buyer for it I think I should renew the insurance and register it again. Then take it from there.
does anyone care?
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