Thursday, August 27, 2009


who can give me some advice?
the van's registration has been suspended because I didn't pay my insurance. So it can get booted or towed at any moment. I'm trying to sell it for $2500. And since that is unlikely and I probably will have to give it away maybe I can just drive it to Newfoundland, Canada. But I have to leave in like one week for that to happen. So...what the fuck should I do? I want to drive a motorcycle across the country...not this huge van. But nothing is free and I am out of options. Just renewing my registration and insurance doesn't mean I can't sell it but it means that I have paid for insurance on a car I don't want. See? OF course these are problems most people don't encounter or else leave to their personal assistants but I actually have to deal with the problem myself. Since I probably won't find a buyer for it I think I should renew the insurance and register it again. Then take it from there.
does anyone care?


Anonymous said...

Since you can fit the motorcycle in the back of the van, and can sell the van anywhere, you might as well renew everything and start driving.

Besides, it's not your money you're spending, so why does it matter?

eddie secoast said...

do you even have a motorcycle yet?
or do you need to sell the van to get the motorcycle?

eddie seacoast said...

i think the van is worth maybe $500

Oggy Bleacher said...

I'm stunned and impressed by this outpouring of advice. Especially the kind reminder that it isn't my money that I'm spending. Of course it isn't. I found it all in the street. I stole it from the prince of Bel Air. I pulled it all out of a hat. What was I thinking by being so frugal with someone else's money? I should just buy everything I can. Just throw my money around like a big shot because it isn't mine. IT will just regenerate magically. What an idiot I have been for counting my nickles. What an asshole I am. I will not just buy the used motorcycle I can afford, I will buy the $14,000 Indian Motorcycle THAT I REALLY WANT. Why not? It isn't my credit. It isn't my savings. It is just money I found at the bottom of a cracker jack box. Hell, most of it, truth be told, came from a Lucky Charms mail in contest. That's where my money came from. I feel much better. Hey, whoever wants free money just ask. What do I care? FREE MONEY!

Other than that, no. I don't have a motorcycle. And I don't need to sell the van to buy a motorcycle. But I'll give it one more week. I've got some temp jobs coming up (more money that isn't mine.) then I will WORK my way across the country, like woody guthrie.

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