Sunday, September 20, 2009

midwest wrap up

I forgot to mention that the only change of expression I had was when I went to Halloween II and there was exactly one other person there sitting five rows in front of me...a military man judging by his haircut and the nearby military base...(the cashier asked me "Do you have a military ID?" Uh, are your eyes open? Exactly what branch of the military allows someone to look as ragged as me and go to a 10pm showing of Halloween II wearing bell bottom pants and a three month old beard? MAybe I infiltrated the hippy brigade?
anyway, there were a few moments of complete gore (Michael stomps on a guy's head...graphically caving it in) And I found myself laughing a little...then looking around. The other guy had fallen asleep. It was just me...laughing in a Junction City, Kansas movie theater as Michael Myers murdered dozens of people. That was a slight change of expression. otherwise it was all just mindless staring at the road. Of course my mind was terribly active and I wrote several books and movie scripts that would be instant hits if I were able to put them on paper and mail them to an agent, but that will probably never happen. Mostly I just imagined that all this land was leading to a great destiny and a home where I will sleep end to end in a bed and not diagonally.

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