Sunday, October 4, 2009

ghosts of aldrich avenue

found myself in front of your house on aldrich
I waved to your shadow in the attic
slept on your old lawn
covered with leaves
trees fallen in the corner
near an old catcher's mitt
torn leather
a deflated football
a basketball hoop with no net
looking for familiar faces across the street
I tried to climb a tree but hurt my shoulder
I thought I heard a voice singing...
" bathing suit...chew a little juicyfruit"
then I was crying because there was no voice
and no home
no kathleen
no meg
no dan
I tried the door and the man there (not Jack, possibly Pakistani) told me to go away
so I walked downtown and the police followed me with angry eyes
near the prescott park marina I dropped into the ocean
the current took me past the fort, past Maine
past burnt orange horizon, green sadness
as I sank beneath the waves I could see a smoke trail from Web's point
the water is warm
I walk on the bottom of the ocean
the clams between my toes again
cool mud

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Anonymous said...

i like this poem, oggy.

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