Wednesday, December 23, 2009

De niro

I've always wanted to know how to get screenshots of my favorite scenes so I could make t shirts out of them. I got Deer Hunter from the library the other night, totally unrelated to my getting fired. I recall the stare I gave the old woman in the assembly line. Was it like De niro or not? This was research related. The scene was the famous Russian roulette scene in the prisoner camp. De Niro is at the top of his game here. Walken too plays his role to perfection. I especially like the part where Walken (Nick) looks at the gun and just shakes his head. "No. No more." Then he shrugs his shoulder and emphasizes it with that famous rising Walken accent, stressing syllables where no one else would stress them. . "No moah." Like the guards don't get it. He's serious. He doesn't want to play anymore.

I love it. This wasn't exactly like the look I gave the lady at Cyberdyne. But it's how I felt. to get the screenshot you just play the movie and hit printscreen. then paste the clip into a jpg editing software like paint. then cut out the part you want (since the movie playing software will be in the picture too) then save. Bring it down to your local tattoo shop and get this inked on your back. Call yourself a man.

In fact, let's have a contest to see who can take a picture of themselves with nearly as much hate in their eyes. This is a look that can get you into movies. Here's my submission... You actually have to be thinking hateful thoughts to get a good picture. And De niro had to do it for take after take. Excellent! The lack of make up doesn't help but it's ok. Doesn't make you want to piss your pants. But it turns out it was exactly good enough to get fired...


Anonymous said...

What's with the LA hat? If you want to look hateful, you have to be wearing a Yankees cap!!!

Anonymous said...

Too bad he ruined his career with "Righteous Kill."

eddie said...

how do i submit a picture on here?

eddie said...

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Oggy Bleacher said...

If you have a 35 year career then you can't ruin it even if you star in Porky's 5: Getting Laid.

I don't think there is a way to submit a picture. Send it to me and I'll post it. Btw, that job looks like easy money...which means it's not legit. I don't trust nobody named Nikki unless they are a stripper.

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