Thursday, December 3, 2009

Funspot 1981

Take a tour with Oggy. Funspot. I should point out that the high score of venture appears to be 350K. My initial feeling is probably what most Winky addicts think, which is, that's a bullshit score on a rigged system. No way does someone score 350K when it is nearly impossible to score 90K. But that's what I used to say about building circuit boards. No way is this going to work. But little by little I got faster until I made no mistakes. That same approach can work to this game. Until then, that 350K is totally suspect. we'll see.

here's an in action video of me playing venture. this would be better with a dual camera and edited with some nice soundtracks in the background. but for now we have low tech.

Star Castle is a hard game to beat. I'm almost at 20K and the world record is 30K. so there are some points to be shaved. just pick it apart. it doesn't help that half the screen goes blank periodically but that is the nature of old games.

the totals for December 3rd are as follows:
Star Castle: 16,170
Venture: 64,320
Venture: 93,710

There were some tense moments with the hall monsters.


Anonymous said...

Egad, at last, you seemingly have found your true purpose in life - good work, but once you break the world record, what then? What will be the purpose? What new goals will come to the fore?

Oggy Bleacher said...

I wonder if you would ask such a pedestrian question if I were trying to break the world record in running the mile.
How about this for an answer: something completely unexpected.

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