Friday, December 11, 2009

Letter to Congresswoman Jane Harman (D) of Calif.

I'm no longer a resident of Calif. but that didn't stop me from getting on my rep's case. Come on! Write to your rep and tell them to stop stealing food from you.

"Dear Mrs. Harman,
Simply put, allowing Walmart, Kmart and Toyota to import products to the California without substantial taxes is not in the best interest of California. I wish it were because I enjoy paying merely a small percentage above cost for consumables. BUT, in the long run the loss of jobs to overseas manufacturing is the #1 problem. Companies can transfer out of California because that is the way to be competitive. I realize putting restrictions on companies is not technically a free market policy, but is allowing 700,000 Americans to lose their jobs while the Chinese and Indians make products destined for A San Diego Walmart part of the free market policy? That just sounds like a government run by future Fortune 500 CEOs padding their pockets. Something has to change. Either make learning Chinese in public schools mandatory so children can go get their parents' jobs back in Shanghai or else make outsourcing to China cost prohibitive. Please! There was a reason cotton was cheap in 1820. Don't make me be ashamed to buy a christmas toy for my kid. I'd rather not be able to afford it and I'm not alone."


Anonymous said...

What, are you running for office? Tell more funny hippy stories and keep dancing like a monkey.

Oggy Bleacher said...

I got in my van last night after 10 hours of labor. Nothing happened when I turned the key. Everyone else left me there in the parking lot. The wind was blowing like a flash freezing ice storm. This is why there were mammoths frozen with food in their mouths. I tried to check the battery charge but the battery on the voltmeter was also too low to get a reading. Standing there in the bitter cold, aching back, jaw sore from chewing so much shit for 10 hours. I danced like a monkey to keep warm. Then I went back and sat in the van. I turned the key a few more times desperately and then a miracle happened. The second battery kicked in and the engine fired up. I slammed it into gear and headed home for 6 hours until I had to come back at 5 am. Back when Cyberdyne was running three shifts some Cambodians would like in tents all year round in the woods and use the showers inside. They said they worked like animals making aluminum bread. I might do that if the van stops running. Just live in my van and hunt moose outside the most sophisticated manufacturing plant in New England. Is that funny enough for you?

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