Thursday, December 31, 2009

Storytime with Turtle

Me and Homer hard at work.

Not much story behind this pic. That's me and my story turtle. I want to call him Homer. Homer, the story turtle. Like a tribute to the greatest storyteller ever, Homer. Get it?
If I can explain the story to him then the story works. If I can't get my point across to a stuffed turtle then I'm doing something wrong. I credit Hardworking junkman mcgee out in hippie-ville for keeping me focused on the simple things. The story turtle is my muse.

A bleaker writing den has never been witnessed...the bulb burned out so I took one from my three bulb lamp and now use that part as a towel rack.

1 comment:

Danny Flannagan said...

Dear Brooks,

Laconia, Story Turtle, 18 Deg F, recent blizzard

You have Cabin Fever. Seek help

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