Monday, January 25, 2010

Heaven's Gate

Anyone who hasn't seen Michael Cimino's film Heaven's Gate is missing something. It's a rarity because not many directors get unlimited fund and then make a film about community and honor and love. The version I saw was 4 hours long and there is another hour out there somewhere. This scene at a Wyoming skate hall in 1890 is as unusual as it is mesmerizing. It's gratuitous and almost completely visual but there is a point. I don't think this is the best scene in cinema history. (That might go to the ending of Citizen Kane.) but it's still a huge production and until Donald Trump decides to fund, film and edit a movie then you aren't going to see something like it (although the waltz at the start of the film is completely insane). The budget was like $3 million and Cimino spent $30 million. So what you are really watching is his career and United Artists Studio going up in smoke.

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