Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Survival of the fittest...

"REVIEW | Missing Pieces: Amiel’s “Creation” Lacks Sense of Awe

...the scientific discoveries responsible for Darwin’s lasting fame remain in the shadows to leave room for...abstract conundrums, resulting in a dry period piece missing crucial information."

A biopic of Charles Darwin?? And I couldn't give away my script of Thoreau. So unjust. Although as I read through the review I couldn't help think this is what the review of a movie based on my script would sound like...bad bad bad.
"Walden fails to deliver any appreciation of nature. Watching it while eating popcorn felt wrong. Preachy, too self-aware. Go watch a national geographic video instead...Thoreau remains an enigma...etc."

I like to think it would improve if only someone paid me $80,000 to write it. But that's not true. There would eleven people telling me what should be in the script. It would just get worse and worse until you end up with something that lacks sense of awe. But I'm trying Henry, I'm really trying. Your turn will come.
I sometimes think it should just be a silent movie. Or maybe Thoreau is dead and walks the land. Or a talking rabbit escorts the audience through Walden. Or we all watch hippies take apart buildings brick by brick and plant trees...
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