Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Maybe not.

A trip into modern America today as my $0 budget videography business gets off the ground. I need a few items for my computer. Such as a 6 pin female to 4 pin male firewire adapter. And a firewire pci card to install on my computer. And what else? A hard drive enclosure for these old hard drives I have lying around.
So I went to Best Buy to get some idea what these things look like and ended up in the music dept. listening to stories about chili recipes and getting my fingers on the pianos in there. Not bad at all. Weighted keys. I might buy one if I can get a real job.
What else? Oh, I'd forgotten I was supposed to be looking at real items for the business. It's corporate America, the camcorder associate knew less about camcorders than I do. The computer accessories guys were well informed but the products were at least 75% more expensive than online. An adapter that's $6 online was $33 there. But I see what I need to order to get video of Ken's chickens on my computer and edited. The lesson of the day is that while computers are changing the way we communicate I don't know anyone who voted in favor of this change. It just seeped into our lifestyles like water into the basement of those apartments on Lafayette. Resistance is futile, I see, but has it always been this way? Have social conventions changed so rapidly before this? I know it is old fashioned and cliche to say that things are changing too fast, but this time I think it's true. Things are changing way too fast. A kid goes to school with a cell phone and comes home with a computer virus.
I feel that my encounter with the Gislaine family in Quebec was not random. God really might have brought me (a space journalist) into the home of a completely old fashioned family whose dynamics would never have been popularized...had we never met. It's my responsibility to immortalize them because they won't do it themselves and they have the secret humanity will eventually need. I guess they are the fundamental family, like a seed of an extinct plant. There should be tours of their junk yard...how hard they worked to salvage every scrap...the difference between them and the sloths stumbling around Best Buy IS UNBELIEVABLE. I'm pretty sure one or the other path is doomed. Can I write a record of the Gislaine family? I mean, it's possible, but I'm in another universe from theirs right now. I may go back and live with them as a cultural/spiritual exchange. Ha! They're like 200 miles away but on a different planet. I'm telling you that when the Best Buys of the world have decayed the only people living will be descendants of the Gislaine family. They were timeless and were lords of their castle. The words, "Honey, do you know where the firewire adapter is?" will never be spoken in that house. Self sufficient is how I would describe it and I don't use that term lightly.

In other news, the press room reading has been postponed due to liquor deficiency. Soon!

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