Monday, March 1, 2010

Street Ministry

I don't want to become the crazy guy living in the van as he preaches from the bible because I can see how that model has been played out. I'm looking for a new way to get a spiritual message across. I think music by Bob Dylan and some Nat King Cole will serve as the gospel portion of the sermon. And the message itself is easy enough to write or I'll just read Simon and Garfunkle lyrics. But how exactly should I dress? I want a sign that says "The End is Near" sort of like a tribute to previous street ministers. Like, so the audience will understand immediately what kind of message they are going to hear. Or maybe I'll have it say, "The End is Nearer." Like so they know I get the joke. If you just start shouting about intellectual renewal then you will not be heard. But if you have signs saying "Repent" then it's understood what your role is in the community.
We're talking about a new generation of street ministers so this has to be worthy to carry the torch. Any advice? I don't want to end up a fashion nightmare like Mr. Two Different Shoes below.

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hobo soup said...

he's got a big book

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