Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Surf Motel RIP

It's one o clock. Time for a meatball sub!

You know, there is probably live footage of the fire that destroyed a block of Hampton Beach last thursday night. But this is the footage of me destroying a suds n soda meatball parm sub. That's a good sub. Suds N Soda doesn't always offer the same sandwiches. This time they had meatball and a couple other options. Last time they had sausage and peppers. I lay waste to that meatball sub as I watched people gawk at the blackened ruin of Hampton's famous triangle block, the one with salt water taffy, an arcade, a motel, seashells and some other things. Those will be replaced by something this summer. It's quite a mess. This land is your land...

This picture is for Hobo junk man on the left coast. It's as iconic as the Yokens whale is to us Portsmouth folk. Again, notice the ubiquitous American Flag in the background.
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