Thursday, April 29, 2010

Any Port in a Storm

I was wandering around today and stopped at the Ice House in New Castle and pondered getting something called a "Double Jeopardy" which is a ice cream frappe covered in chocolate syrup and fudge and whipped cream. It's basically an ice cream sundae on top of a frappe. It cost $6 so I I decided I should just get an ice cream cone, maybe moosetracks ice cream...but I wasn't really hungry for ice cream so I thought that I should get a hot dog but I didn't want to bother asking for it. So I backed out and went to Fort Stark. I was only looking for some comfort through sugar and lately sugar has been wreaking havoc with my metabolism, leaving me drowsy and slurring my speech. I've been tested for Diabetes and that's not the problem. My tolerance has shifted.
I went back to Fort Stark to search for clues. I'm not the first person to walk these sandy shores. What motivated those before me? I think I will do an entire photo series at Fort Stark. The air quality was absolutely perfect today even though it was cold and windy. Yes, I will return to Fort Stark and take a whole bunch of pictures. There are so many things about that place that hold memories of mine. And maybe in the process I will find some kind of peace.

One good thing about Fort Stark is that the place is deserted. It's public land but the nearby property owners must have some arrangement so the gates are locked and no one can park there...and there are no signs saying "Fort Stark 1 mile". I can see their point since Ordione Point is like one minute away and has many more nice features like swings and a playing field and it doesn't require me driving past their tennis courts to get to. But Fort Stark is a beautiful, haunting place and for 25 years I've played there and had pictures taken of me there and taken pictures of other people there and it's time I devote a whole day. I've got to borrow a real camera though because this Kodak thing has limits. Then I can put them all online and look at them in the winter when I'm in Mexico.
I'll have to take the moped out there but that'll be a good test of the new engine.


ed said...

who takes this pics? timer?

Oggy Bleacher said...

my imaginary friend

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