Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cafe Bella ........ Opening Soon!

Opening soon... a neighborhood cafe on the balcony overlooking beautiful Portsmouth Neighborhood. Your romantic getaway dinner for two hot spot.

The Cafe Bella Menu:

Ice Cold Purified Water with Lemon sprig: $4.50
Apple and banana orange slices in yogurt with turbinado sugar: $9.95
Couscous Salad with almonds and raisins: $11.50
Organic Bison "Bella" Burger on fresh baked bread: $19.95 (Goat Cheese and Avocado $2 extra)
Rum (Sailor Jerry) milkshake: $7.50
Spinach salad with ham and hard boiled egg: $9.95
Matzo Pizza: $5
Hard Boiled Farm Fresh Egg: $2.25
Two Egg Omelet A'la Oggy with bacon avocado and asparagus: $9.95
Nachos with or without beans: $8.50
Vodka Sauce and Spaghetti: $11.95
Croissant with ham and avocado: 9.95
Granola and soymilk: $4.95
Chef's special: Quatro Frommage with Fettuccine: $19.95

For desert: Pot Brownies with Ben and Jerry Ice Cream. $7.25
Apple Pie with Rum ice cream. $7.25
Chocolate chip crepe: $5.25

Here's a happy customer's meal...

Chef Oggy Bleacher invites you to dine by candlelight among the treetops
Reservations are being accepted. Special meal requests will be considered.
Music provided by Nat King Cole or request live music by Oggy himself.


Anonymous said...

Sign me up!!

Oggy Bleacher said...

I've added something called a Crostini Flambe because I like the way it sounds. I don't know what it is.

Oggy Bleacher said...

I've got an opening at 7 and 9 pm.

Anonymous said...

Where are you getting your weed?

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