Monday, April 19, 2010

Martin serving Oggy

Martin showed up and was beside himself when he saw my moped putting up the hill. His wife who he said was "Getting along in years." doesn't have a license and thus bicycles around York. He thought the Moped would be a good answer. Getting along in years is a mild understatement considering her birth certificate is probably written in Sanskrit. They have to be 80 years old. I don't want to ask him until we meet a few more times.
I have my doubts about the moped but only because I'm driving the worst moped that I've ever seen and until recently I was the only one who could even start it and keep it rolling. A nice moped would work for the lady.
Martin and I met up for our daily tennis match now that the rain has stopped. He works at Hannafords and at Irving Oil. "That's enough for me," he said and I felt like a complete loser for not having a job.
I told him about the gig in Dover and he said, "That's not far." And coming from his mouth I accepted it. I really don't see Martin steering me wrong. The tennis game is coming along but the wind at the courts is the worst.

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