Saturday, April 17, 2010

Oggy goes Bloggy

Have I cursed this maddening gigabyte world today? I don't think so. Let me take a moment to admit my ignorance regarding most things related to computers. I know JUST ENOUGH to buy an EIDE hard drive to store my music video footage...but NOT ENOUGH to realize the PATA signifies Parallel ATA, which will not work with the EIDE/SATA hard drive enclosures that I bought. IS this the end of the world? Yes. Yes it is. The world is ending. Goddamn it! I'm cracking. This is such a western lifestyle. I could either buy a SATA drive to go with my enclosure or buy a PATA compatible enclosure. This just sounds insane to me:
"40 pin or 80 pin?"
"PATA. No, wait. EIDE."
"Is it PATA or EIDE or both?"
"Both. The HD is both."
"Your enclosure?"
"So you need a PATA USB 2.0 enclosure?"
"Correct. PATA EIDE. Not SATA EIDE."
"Or EIDE?"
"No, the HD is 40 pin PATA EIDE."
"That won't work in a SATA EIDE USB 2.0 enclosure."

It sounds like the world is ending. Please, let's just go back to the old days. PLEASE! Haven't we had enough of this repulsive bullshit? My grandparents not only never used a computer (Grandma wrote long hand or on a manual typewriter) but the worst they had to adjust to was fuel injected engines. It isn't that I'm incapable of adjusting to THIS TAWDRY BULLSHIT but at the end of the day I feel it's devouring all the humanity that remained after Ronald Reagan left office, which wasn't too much. We've managed to create the machines that we must nurse 24/7. They work for us but my god, we've all got to be film directors now? Current TV has millions of videos made by random people. But the technology to allow that is less than a decade old. In my lifetime it's gone from "the internet doesn't exist" to "my existence revolves around the internet."
And this damn PATA SATA EIDE 1.21 Gigawatt debate is driving me crazy. I think the adobe suite is overwhelming my computer and even if it worked flawlessly it's the most comprehensive editing software in the world and I'm going to need to go to workshops to learn to use it so I can edit a damn song about a guy getting on a bus. Does that make sense to anyone? I make a video about chickens that's now viewable by the entire wired world, chickens in Nairobi can watch that video, but it's still about chickens. Was it really necessary to learn the skills to put that video together?

I'm going to persevere because at this point I don't have anything to lose. They broke Don Quixote but they're not going to break me. It's only intolerable when I compare myself to the cultural norm.

In happier news I'd like to point out that I have posted 174 times in 2010 compared to 172 times in all of 2009. That shouldn't surprise anyone since I had absolutely no electricity for 9 months of 2009. In fact, I go look at some of the posts from this time last year and I was dog sitting at a house for two dogs (the big one ended up with a different family) and playing guitar in the desert dungeon with Mack and Jay. I had to drive into town and go to the internet cafe and do everything in under one hour for 15 or 20 pesos. My computer didn't work but I had my camera. So, I've got electricity now and a computer that works. I don't really have internet service but I've got a library nearby. I don't think quantity counts for much more than a demonstration of how much free time I have to be writing. I'm convinced that the Santa Cruz book has monstrous potential. I've isolated the dichotomy of a reflexive/passive personality and an instinctive/active personality. It's a study of extremes like Narcissus and Goldmund. John Updike wrote his first Rabbit book with the help of a Guggenheim Fellowship Grant. I think I'm going to apply for one. Anyone want to be a character reference? In the meantime it looks like I'll be a clean room medical machine operator after all. It's a means to an end, like my buddy down in Wellesley said. I'm just afraid that the means will become the end. The upside is that it doesn't pay enough to live on so I'll die much sooner. Oh, the irony of making medical devices that I can't afford to have fix me!

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