Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Haven't been back on PHS property in many years. 2003, I think, and that was only for a moment. I'm going to have a hard time making this visit interesting for the majority of humanity. I went to school here 1985-1989. Ok, even I'm bored now. I'd be wrong to say these were my glory years. No, it was just an inevitable period of time that now sticks out as a few gray memories, highlights that are slightly dim except for peaks of elation and valleys of despair.

Speaking of memories, this plaque is at the start of the PHS 1/4 mile track.
I don't know if Mr. Grogan is dead or if they dedicated the track to him en vita. Does anyone know? The research I did indicates he is retired but alive. He also taught a class called "New England Folklore" I missed that one.It says that for over 35 years he made athletes believe anything is possible ("Nothing was impossible" is how the plaque words it) if they were willing to work for it. That sounds about right. He, along with another dude named Mr. Nelson were my gym teachers. There was a female teacher. Anyone remember her name? I can't. Mr. Grogan was the weight training coach for the many times I thought I'd lift enough weights to get bulging biceps. Ha! That's one thing I'm not destined to have without serious human growth hormones.
Mr. Grogan coached football, I believe, and that's where he made his mark because football players are unruly and you need to have military leadership skills to win a football game. I think Mr. Grogan had that. I didn't play football but I watched him coach.
This was the first time I walked on Mr. Grogan's track. I went there to watch a baseball game. The PHS varsity team hasn't lost in two seasons and they are 2-0 this season. I'm proud that during my talk with the Ports. Herald reporter I kept it strictly business, mainly talking about the career of young Mike Montville who has power, speed and a presence you don't see very often. He did hit a towering home run to left center, scored twice and played flawless first base in the 6-1 win. I'm considering having a talk with the boy to see where his head is. He plays basketball and is a wide receiver so that's three letters. This is his last season and a buddy says he's going to get drafted which would be a first for a small division school.
There's a story there, I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

That's funny, I saw those pictures of you and thought you got some scanner and found a box of pictures from Junior high. We could get you a job at the hospital, transporting corpses on the overnight shift. swellesley

Oggy Bleacher said...

It may come to that.

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