Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cinnabon and Weight Watchers

This is the trend that I've seen in the past: I get a job, the job is a 12 hour shift back to back to back and is so far from my house that I consider sleeping in my car at the site to get more sleep. But I have to eat and change my clothes so I go home and have a maximum of 8 hours of sleep if I go to bed instantly. The dishes are all dirty, the place is a mess, an unfinished chess game sits around. And instead of doing anything related to house work I sit at the piano and play "Faithfully" by Journey for two hours. Then I brush my teeth and fall asleep in my clothes on the sofa. When I get up there is exactly enough time to speed to work. But since the job only allows 30 minutes to eat and the nearest eatery is 15 minutes away I have to bring something to eat. What do I bring? Fucking Cinnabon roll ups from Ocean Job lots. Disgusting cheap calories and a $2.50 Weight Watcher microwave Salisbury Steak meal.
See, something has to be sacrificed if I want to eat a salad and since what I really want to do is play the piano I refuse to sacrifice money or time. I'd rather eat my single serve meal and play "Walking in Memphis" by Marc Cohen than prepare a plate of pasta to eat at lunch.
The job causes so much blood clotting in my legs that by the time lunch comes around I don't even care about eating. I must ice my ankles.

My back is killing me but I fucked up so much today at work that they will soon fire me. I love it, you deal with 5,000 boxes and when you have 5001 address labels they look at you like, "Don't you know how to count?"
I guess I don't because I need Weight Watchers to add my calories.
Time for sleep.

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ed said...

where you working?

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