Thursday, May 6, 2010


Oggy joined the millions of people before him when he wore the following expression as he watched David Lynch's Eraserhead for the first time...
It's a funny movie but not "funny" funny. It isn't trying to be funny. It simply is a strange and twisted story with some moments that may repulse or amuse you. It might be a parable but it's hard to say. You can't help be unmoved by it and that's the point. There is no attempt to make this a romantic comedy or a horror movie or a science fiction movie. It is made like a 15 year old psychopath awoke from a 14 year coma and was handed a 8mm camera and $10,000 for a budget.
"Go film something for others to watch."
"Like a dream in my head?"
"Yes. Like that."
"Because you can."

The movie manages not to derive anything from any previous movie and no movie could really derive anything from it. I watched much of it in fast forward and for a while I was noodling on the computer and just listening to what was happening. There was a slapping sound and I turned around and the guy was throwing some kind of creature against the wall in slow motion explosions. The next time I turned around his head fell off into a pool of blood on a checkerboard floor.
It gets a Grade ??

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