Monday, May 3, 2010

Fort Stark

Wednesday is Fort Stark volunteer day and unless some miracle happens and I get a job I'll be there in the morning. All are welcome! It's a little strange since I was trying to break into the coast guard station a few days ago and the project they want to work on is trying to blockade the coast guard station from trespassers. So, it's a conflict of interests but maybe I can work on landscaping instead of the fence.

Here's a clever sculpture at Ordione's Point.

I have a few dozen pictures that I want to post as an album. Or should I doll them out one at a time? I have a love affair with this Fort so we'll see. The picture below is something I remember vividly. That gun was still there in 1980.

This picture is for Hobo Joe in S.F. because he loves vintage fonts so much. This is as vintage as it gets, a hand painted label on a storage room door frame calling it a Paint Locker. I'd never seen it before because it is almost pitch black in that hallway and unless you have a flashlight and look at the ceiling then you'll never see this sign.

I'd say the font is from the '50s or '60s but it could be older. The fort didn't really operate after WWII so it could be as early as 1940. Next time I talk to Becky I'll ask her when this place closed down. She's been here since 1960 so she must know all the trivia.

Here's a picture of something you don't see much, a cemetery with only a few residents. It's brand new and located on New Castle at Ordione Point. Kind of a strange location but if you've lived in New Castle then that's where you want to be buried and there's only one other cemetery by the back bay that's got no vacancy. So they landscaped an area near the entrance and are laying to rest the dearly departed.

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hardworker said...

thanks for the font! I've been away from blogs for a few days, sorry for the delay.

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