Monday, May 31, 2010

Voodoo Chile

Sometimes Jimi will come on the radio at the right time and place and I pretty much have to pull over. This song blew me away this afternoon. It's not that I think I'm some kind of Voodoo Child and I "relate" to his music but what I hear is a man at his peak of excellence and execution. He's got the slow blues down perfectly and his playing is so clean but still sounds dirty and improvised. He's all over the neck but it comes together as neat composition. It's smoky late night bar room blues - but recorded in a studio. That is a hard thing to do, to summon that feeling of desperation and angst and inspiration when you're in a climate controlled room with lots of rich people surrounding you who would never follow you into a smoky bar room. It's a lie, but when I listen to this I hear the truth and I'm moved. That's magic. Thank you, Jimi.


Anonymous said...

Oggy Bleacher said...

Thanks for the link. It further confirms my assertions that iPhones are the new bale of cotton. We're arguing about the same things the abolitionists argued about in 1840. You can say that "They wouldn't have jobs if they didn't make my iPhone." and that sounds like an echo of a plantation owner who said, "What would these niggers do without tobacco to pick? We're making them civilized."
I've heard all the excuses before and they are the weak croakings of mental midgets. People obey Steve Jobs. It's that simple. He's made Apple products attractive and devised ways to make them necessary thus we have them. They are high tech, brilliant machines assembled and used by amoral apes. So when the bleakness of life becomes oppressive for people who live solely to assemble electronics then they jump off a building. I'm on the ledge myself.

I'm telling you that the dirty secrets behind Apple will slowly come to the surface like this article. If you buy Apple products then you are no different than the redneck guy with a Confederate flag tattoo on his chest.
"Southern Pride" has become "Tech Pride" That Apple symbol is the new Old Glory.
You can point to all the benefits of these tech products and I can point to these factories full of people and say, "It all comes at a cost."
Your digital utopia is a Uncle Tom's cabin with a fancy paint job.
I am a voodoo child. Lord knows I'm a voodoo child.

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