Saturday, June 19, 2010

Are You a Friend of the People?

Recent discussions in the comment section have led me to this image. It's more proof that people want to be part of something noble, something that transcends business. Business makes things last, but ethics are what many people can respond to. We're not all businessmen so images like this are how many people account for their energy. It's like a dollar symbol to many of us.

I'm looking for images that will tug at the heart of the inner environmentalist in us all. Let the businessmen worry about the numbers. If the demand is there then it will pay for itself. But the demand can be manipulated and mostly it has been manipulated by Sams Club and Shell Oil. That doesn't mean those business models work, but it means they have the best marketing strategy. Whole grain bread, marijuana, goat farms and radish juice are absolutely no different fundamentally than Doritos, root beer, cigarettes and industrial slaughterhouses, but the difference is in the marketing, the propaganda. They each can be equally economical if businessmen break it down. But the demand comes first. And demand is controlled by marketing. So, we need to manufacture a demand for alternative energy.

Films like Inconvenient Truth, March Of the Penguin, Crude, Arctic Tale, WALL-E, even Avatar are propaganda for alternative energy but the mainstream media is controlled by so few people who are owned by business entities and except for PBS it's all ad sponsored or influenced by the chamber of commerce so it takes media like Al Gore's Current TV to try to start over with a different paradigm. There's a bloody war of words taking place right now and I want volunteers for the front lines.
Beat your swords into plowshares and your iPhones into flower pots!

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