Thursday, June 17, 2010

Solar Poster Contest

I want to get some submissions for a propaganda contest on Solar. Getting third graders to make posters is a good idea because it normalizes behavior. Like ,the way to prevent Graffiti is to get third graders to paint murals all over the city and when they get tagged the kids will feel violated. So, in addition to solar related projects in schools we're going to need some propaganda that targets adults. This one is excellent.

So, something like kids in Texas turning on a spigot and no water is coming out. A look of fear and disappointment in the kid's eyes. A coal burning power plant in the backgroung.
Buy Solar!

The implication being if we rely on fossil fuels then the power plants must be cooled or use steam turbines and that is depleting the water tables. But the public can find that out later. For now, they need to equate the lack of solar with the lack of water. I feel that's what gets a response. It is a war against carbon. this is not a lifestyle choice that's simply "ethical". Fossil fuels have gotten us where we are but it's time to kick the addiction. How about that? "Kick the addiction." With a giant smokestack instead of a cigarette. Work on it. I want results by next week.

Here's a Soviet one that I love. It's about nuclear power but use it as a model for solar.

I think there are two things to include:

1. The Sun
2. A Poster Child

The propagandists at Ford and Shell have been working hard for 100 years to spread their misinformation so we've got to move fast on this.
Winner will be judged by the public.

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