Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Where did the night go?

That damn story about the OSV took the entire night to write. I'm supposed to work at Fort Stark in three hours and I've been up for 20 hours typing. I don't want to spread misery but I do have to stay busy and if my political agenda is not pleasant to read then I recommend you choose one of the other million blogs out there. There's one well written blog by a waiter who complains about tips and difficult customers. No controversy there.

It's a fine line writing to influence when the evidence I'm working with demands serious and immediate changes. I'm thinking about starting a garden in our front lawn and coordinating with all my neighbors to start growing food. The best thing Obama could do right now is ration food and oil. I'm telling you it would bring people together. I bicycled to Kittery and back and saw two people who were using a bike for transportation and I recognized them both from the homeless shelter. It's totally crazy. We are so fat and happy that every single person on the block has their own lawn mower. We all mow our tiny strip of lawn with our own mower. 40 years of senselessly mowing lawns. This neighborhood, just Elwyn ave could produce so many vegetables it's crazy. Corn and lettuce and tomatoes and Zucchini. We could all swap the harvest. But I sense that not only would my neighbors be scared of me I don't even think the people living in my own house would be on my side. The sight of me shirtless hoeing bean rows on Lincoln Ave with my pet goats and chickens could really cause a problem. I already can't park my van here because the police and neighbors assume it's owned by a molester. My instinct tells me that though it must be done that I would only be bringing a world of conflict onto an already tense and unpleasant situation. I tried it before and it has never worked out in any city I've lived in. I can just hear them, "Move to Vermont if you want to be a hippy." And my response would be, "You are a selfish and shortsighted idiot."

But a single front lawn garden is not a solution because what am I going to do with a hundred tomatoes? It only works if everyone chooses a vegetable and then trades I said we are fat and happy and we've got "Life is Good" boutique clothes stores so yuppies can drive from York and drink coffee and eat muffins and then drive back. Life is good because I've got a tire cover on my SUV that says Life is Good? Are you kidding? I do not fit in here and only when I am lost in the Gulf Of Mexico in my mind do I feel at home.
Sorry, I'm sleepless and ranting. In 1775 these words would not have made the cut.


Anonymous said...

in 1775 it would have taken a years wages to print those words.

Sophia said...

If I didn't want a serving of pain I wouldn't be make it taste so good.

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