Thursday, July 8, 2010


I got excited when I went to visit a naughty webpage and found this greeting from the D.O.J.
They sound serious. It's mostly for show since there are hundreds of these sites and no way to close them all down. How else are the sudanese going to get money for hosting banner ads?

Every single piece of digital media is available if you own a computer. It's not really free since maintaining a computer is expensive but Universal and Paramount don't get as big a cut as they'd like. I wonder if Comcast is technically an accomplice to the crime if they provide the service. They say it's illegal but they charge you for performing an illegal act. They make money when you commit a crime. Do they split their profits? Ethically, Comcast can show a movie to you if you pay for on demand. But if you use comcast internet to just take the movie and watch it on demand then you've also paid Comcast but now you have the movie, just like you have the movie if you pay for on demand. Am I splitting hairs? Is this legalese? What's an analogy? A drug dealer selling drugs as long as you agree not to use them? You can watch a movie on youtube with no problem because youtube has an agreement with the copyright holder to show it. But if you download the same movie and watch it on your computer (off youtube) then you have committed a crime. You could technically watch the movie on youtube in one window (legally) and have the same movie playing next to it in another window (illegally). I know we can go back to kindergarten when they taught us not to steal, but they also taught us to share and if someone wants to share a granny gang bang video with me then what's so wrong about that? It's sharing! Not stealing! Ok, my legal skills are exhausted.

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