Monday, September 27, 2010

Hemp Necklaces

It was slightly too soon to be teaching kids to make hemp necklaces. they can't tie their shoes yet. But we did make a leash for a plastic horse!
All my rowdy friends have settled down and have kids. football scrimmage, cartwheels, soccer, dance class. It raises the old question of how to start a family with such trepidation in my heart. Walmart is like a mouth we feed people to. I want to go to Egypt or the jungles of Guatemala and have children who fear apes and hurricanes and cast spells to make the rain come...

Mt. Major with D. Unlike other hike partners he didn't leave me in the dust and then tell oncoming hikers that "There's this totally crazy guy behind us. Don't take you chances with him. You can't miss him. He's got a red bandanna and..."

pretty funny stuff when a guy stares you down as you stumble past or a woman darts into the woods to avoid you. real fucking funny. Like I don't got enough problems in my life...

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