Sunday, October 10, 2010

Alignment issues

Thoreau once said that most people hack at the branches of evil and leave the roots untouched. Here is the chicken farmer hacking at the branches of evil. But in his case I think even the branches are a good start. I have devoted 20 years to pondering the roots of evil and let me tell you it looks like another 20 will get me in the ballpark as well as alientate the remainder of humanity. I don't want to be an enemy of the people but my refusal to be brainwashed by pop culture or to reverse the brainwashing done to me by the dominant culture has permanently damaged my relationship with everyone. But is that my fault? They say devices save time but I still see a 12 hour work day being a 12 hour work day. What they mean is that devices make your more productive. But that is also a wash because of the rapid inflation of humanity. So our appetites have exactly matched our production...and that would be not such a thing if everything we made were biodegradable and wolf-friendly. BUT THAT'S NOT HOW IT IS. We are now sacrificing not our own habitat but the wolf's habitat for our appetites (which as previously mentioned are never satisfied) and this is where a mere shred of empathy would allow us to change our ways but the brainwashing has completely removed any trace of wolf-consciousness and Walmart enslaves the masses to better their profits while planting advertisments that funnel infants into their thought paradigm.
And I am the insane one?
We all walk a crooked bridge but I'm going to find the roots of evil and expose them to the light and thus add a shim to adjust the alignment of this crooked suspension that we rely on.

Was lost in a cornfield the other day and I believe we all need to open our eyes.
I have received a sign as to my immediate plans which will be to investigate my van's suspension issues/alignment problems that eat tires, possibly buy a motorcycle for the wrong reasons, and prepare myself for a wolf raising trip to Labrador. I'm almost glad I didn't quit my job when I had the chance because it was 30 degrees last night and Walmart's electric blankets aren't cheap. I hook them up to my battery and sleep warm on a trickle charge from the radiation of the sewage dumped by repulsive RV dwellers.

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