Saturday, November 27, 2010

On the trail of the arctic wolf

The trail was littered with broken cars, haphazardly overturned dreams, but Oggy plunged forward into the teeth of the first winter storm, asking advice from truckers and hunters and homeless and librarians. They all pointed into the white wind and said, "Go North."
"But there must be at least one Arctic Wolf here."
"No. I don't think so."
"Are you sure? Look at the picture."
"Nope. I'd know about it. We don't have wolves in Maine let alone Arctic Wolves."
"Where do I go then?"
"But isn't this Canada?"
"Oh, I forgot. In the future, where I'm from, Canada annexed Maine."
"Annexed it?"
"Claimed it as stolen territory from some war in 1805."
"Yep. And the United States did nothing. The people of Maine ended up way better off as citizens of Quebec. They were poor as hell."
"When did that happen?"
"Are you feeling alright?"
"I feel great. I'm cold but...where are you going?"

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eddie said...

that looks like a nice do you afford such luxuries? i'm still unemployed, except working at margaritas a few shifts a week...fighting with unemployment trying to get an it goes.

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