Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Until our brains are safe from the marketing dragons then all education is like bailing water on the Titanic...or worse like using gasoline to put out a fire. I'm telling you that the forces of Wall Street are more powerful than the seven books of Moses. My efforts to subvert and compromise the power of consumer marketing will increase proportional to the abuse designed by Proctor & Gamble falsehood. Is it not my right to fight back, to strike the necks of commercial piracy and manipulation?


Anonymous said...

Amen! I'm with you on this. Haven't shopped at a wal-mart for 9 years. Is there anyway that I can post this on twitter. -C.

Julie said...

Thanks Oggy I needed a good laugh this morning.

Anonymous said...

I buy me undies where I get me beer,

hardworker said...

nice with the snips

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