Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Essay In Progress

The Assassination of Comandante Che Guevara by the Coward Pundit Ayn Rand

This is a study in contrasts between a Cuban revolutionary in 1958 and an American author reaching the height of her powers in 1957 when her novel Atlas Shrugged was published. I will demonstrate that Ayn Rand's influences among economists led to a deadly showdown between in Bolivia in 1967 between the activist El Che and CIA operatives on a Milton Friedman mission to destroy any resistance to their capitalist utopia.

I will also demonstrate that if you were starting a society from scratch and could only choose between Che Guevara and Ayn Rand to join you that there would be only one choice to make if you wanted your society to survive. My essay will demonstrate that Guevara and Rand were mutually exclusive and that because Rand had more influence her existence demanded the execution of Guevara.

The amazing coincidence that these two persons were reaching the apex of self-actualization within the same year is a topic that I will examine closely.

I will also denounce the cowards who continue to spread Rand's vicious, irrational philosophy and declare war on the culture of oppression that dominates America. A list of actions to take such as a moratorium on Rent and Mortgage and Taxes will be discussed in the interest of "forming a more perfect union."

I want to point out that my motivation in writing this essay is purely selfish. Be patient and stay tuned. Remember that only you can prevent bad philosophy.

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