Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chihuahua Grilled Queso Sammy

Bored with your standard American grilled cheese sandwich? This is a variation that might awaken your passion like a silk nightie and a bottle of gin. I saw it on a blog called grilled cheese social and will summarize:

Get some real bread.
Get a plantain with some black spots on the peel.
Get some Chihuahua style melting cheese. Monterrey Jack'll substitute as long as you call it "Queso"
Get some jalapeno slices.

Peel and Cut the plantains. Is there a cool French term for cutting the plantains diagonally so there is more surface area? There should be. That's how you cut the plantains. Then fry them in hot oil watching carefully for a few minutes.
Take the plantains out and mash them with a spatula like this (use your palm on the spatula and you'll burn it.)

and add some salt. Return the plantains to the oil for a few minutes. When they are browning put them on a plate. Or if you are like me then you will set the fire alarm off, the dog will start barking, you will let the dog out and then check on your Thoreau bean garden in the rain and weed a little and talk to the neighbor and wonder what all the smoke is coming from your....wha? When you get back to the plantains they will be black.

Then grate the cheese and grill it on the bread like normal. When it's done put the plantain chips on and the jalapeno slices. Add some pork if you need to eat meat with every meal.

This went down the gullet so easy I ended up eating half the paper plate by accident.

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