Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Floor De Lis

Here are the final pictures of the mosaic. For anyone interested, I fixed the jagged tile edges by grouting more grout on top of the grout. This raised the grout to the level of all the edges so it was more or less flat and comfortable to walk on in bare feet. You can see the grout overlap if you are on your knees but this is art and not a mini mansion presentation piece for Mexican Merry Maids to clean on callused knees. Thanks to The Nurse for working with me and letting me learn something that is not easy.

Here is the dog Alabama. The morning after we sealed the floor with this waterproof sealer stuff she begged for food and water and I gave her some and she didn't even move her feet before she puked some onto the floor in the kitchen. I said what any normal person would say, "Aw, Alabama!" and she walked toward where I was standing on the mosaic floor and, as I was about to say, "At least she didn't puke on the..." she let loose the remainder of her stomach contents, half a gallon at least, onto the mosaic floor. Yellow and orange bile and food and puke and water. Like the cocktail of death to bright white grout.

We flew into action to clean it with towels but our haste was unnecessary because the grout sealer had created an invisible barrier over the grout and tile. It was amazing but the floor was completely spotless after we soaked up the puke.

The oak threshold were the Nurse's idea and they make a big difference in framing the piece and hiding my atrocious edge work. Tours are by appointment only.

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