Friday, May 13, 2011

Pick me up!

I have an offer to anyone reading this and who might want to visit St. Louis. Drive my father's car (we won't tell him) from Portsmouth to St Louis. Either stay here or return with me to Portsmouth in the same car. The trip is 26 hours +-. I am trapped here and am looking for creative ways to get me to my van without resorting to the 4 day torture chamber of Greyhound bus. I still have nightmarish flashbacks to a brake failure that happened after uncountable days on the road from Chicago to San Francisco as we hurtled down the Sierra Nevada slide. Greyhound had us on a rock scree clinging for our lives as the bus smoked. "Fire! The bus is on Fire! Lawd Hep us!" the woman from Missouri had yelled as the smoke billowed into the cabin from the locked air brakes. I thought to myself, "If I get out of this alive I will not take Greyhound again."

So, get the keys to my car from my brother. Take the car through scenic Pennsylvania, etc. and Indy to the 70 and to St Louis. Give me the car. Then do what you want. We can see the arch, see a cardinals game. Then return the same way in the car and I drop you off wherever you want. Please!

I am looking at motorcycles that should not be ridden 1200 miles.
email, and lets get Oggy to Labrador before all the wolves are gone.
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