Thursday, May 19, 2011

Plutocracy: The Crooked Rabbit Hole

Michael Moore has prodded me again with his movie Capitalism: A Love Story. He basically films the kind of interviews I've been doing for the last 20 years. People on the street. Real stories of actual events. That's how I've learned to distrust America. That's why I'm a renegade. My self-education has totally contradicted the shit I learned in school, which means the school stuff was pure propaganda, like calling aspartame a sweetener instead of a poison. hahahaha. Yeah, it only converts to formaldehyde in the body. No worries. Believe Monsanto. They'll look out for you. BULLSHIT!
These past few years have taught us all, if you were paying attention, that there is no more democracy in North America. Wall Street does control our politics. Capitalism isn't an economic system in America, it is a political regime. "Democracy" is like the mafia's "waste removal company" that launders money for the real business. We need an oversight commission like the government but it won't resemble anything like what we have currently elected because our current government has pimped out the working man for 200 years. Everything they tell you is a lie designed to get your obedience. The smart man basically has designed a system so he can avoid to do any manual labor (what actually keeps people alive). The man who can delegate responsibility, assign blame, find loopholes will prevail over the man who plays by the rules and tries to account for his own actions. The system is designed to protect the elite at the price of the majority.
If you are happy with current events then you are basically the guy behind the wall who is pushing the button that shocks a test subject to death because a man in a white coat is telling you to push the button. You are ignorantly obeying and you are a murderer. We all are. The Ruling class has manufactured a method of environmental destruction and emotional terrorism that utterly cripples an ethical person.

We have to be strong and organize. I see that justice is not like water, eventually finding a way to its mother. No, justice is static and will obey the masses. It's a constant struggle between slaves and masters and I think the premise of land ownership is at the heart of the problem. It's mythology that everyone believes even though it doesn't work. That's the nature of propaganda.

This next year will be interesting for me as I'm determined to only work for people. That means no sexual harrassment videos or piss tests or uniforms. That also means the work will not rely on the defacto enslavement of copper miners and chinese assembly grunts. That means the only time the word "tax" is used will be when we say, "That job was taxing."
I've come across a few freethinking employers but they are fast heading for the hills. Eventually they will have to turn and fight and I'm pretty sure it will be a scared Walmart contractor who will be chasing them as the hired gun. But I know who I want to stand behind. The trouble will be finding a farm or ranch to work on. I've been studying the Amish and they are definitely an oasis in the ethical desert of America. Do I want to sing hymns in German for the chance to fix wagon wheels? I'm not sure. The Amish are not only pacifists, which means they are doomed, but they are practical and I'm not practical. They accomodate the world around them when it would be cooler if they set up road blocks and seized property from Walmart. No, a Canadian or Mexican commune is where you'll find my ematiated bones. I'll already be a visa refuge so I might as well defy taxation while I'm at it. In a crooked world, said Thoreau, the honest man is a criminal.
It's disappointing to see the lies and conspiracies take over. It all goes back to a paradigm that the earth's resources can belong to a single person. That is a political conclusion and not a human one. It is only true through might and must be taught. This mountain is yours. This island is mine. This building is yours. This cow is mine. These are taught to us but unjustified. The way Wall Street pulled the strings on the government these last three years is repulsive. It makes me feel like Oggy in Wonderland.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ogg, I am interested in your thoughts on Faith, or a creator, Stephen Hawking is my nighmarish version Of Stephen King.

His recent statements of there being no god or creator, has me puzzled, who the fuck saved my life a hundred times? I personally believe there is a higher intelligence out there unfathomable to his crooked lips.

Oggy Bleacher said...

Group think works. This is especially true with spirituality. Life is lonely enough without being on your own in the universe too. To adopt the same beiefs as your family and community seems to be the only thing that gurantees emotional stability. I have tried the contrary and it's a losing battle. So I think it is semantics that is the ony difference between Mayan star charts and the Book of God. As long as you are on the same page with everyone else then you are definitely in the hands of "god" and everything can be attributed to him. I'd be interested in learning what Hawking has replaced the biblical God with because he never would've lived this ong without strong belief and faith. Maybe science is his heaven and he's in good company.
Personally, I have substituted God with Roger Waters/David Gilmour and Heaven with the 1977 album Animals by Pink Floyd. This way, I always carry my church with me and when I listen to the album Meddle I am also at peace. But my heaven was once Fenway Park and God was Dwight Evans and I was devoted and surrounded by 35,000 people who felt exactly the same way.

If you have unshakable faith in something then that's your god. My dog just puked a belly of bile on the new tile floor so anyone else want to chime in?

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